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Jean Honeymoon


Jean Honeymoon, half Thai and half Scottish, Glasgow Nu Jazz and Lounge Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist.

Collaborations/EP releases:

Jean’s writing and recording collaborations include EP releases with mister T – The Secret EP with Club Des Belugas Remix, ChinChin Records, DISKOvery Today - Night and Day, Marc Mac (4Hero/Visioneers) and James Johnston (No Matter What Records) remixes and contributed guest vocals for Monodeluxe – Without You on his solo album, Instant Note, Little Angel’s Records.

Mark Graham feat Jean Honeymoon – Passion music video was produced and directed by Realist Artist Paul Cadden.

Labels 2011 – Present:

ChinChin Records, Peacelounge Recordings, Smooth Agent Records, A Deeper Groove Recordings with forthcoming releases on Vibe Boutique Records and Do It Now Recordings.

Summer/Autumn 2014 releases:

mister T & Jean Honeymoon – Take Me Away EP, ChinChin Records
Markd feat. Jean Honeymoon – Late Night Groove, Vibe Boutique Records
Massa Takemoto & Jean Honeymoon – Seasons EP, Peacelounge Recordings
Rubberlips feat. Jean Honeymoon – Lost in Time EP, Heion Remixes, Peacelounge Recordings
Deepsonic feat Jean Honeymoon – Waiting, A Deeper Groove Recordings including Blackwax Remixes

Website Design - Paul Cadden 

Deepa Nova EP/Website Artwork - Mara Zin

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